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Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Girl Scout Troop 62447 decided to make a difference in our town. Together since kindergarten and now in sixth grade, we have worked hard to give back to the amazing community we are lucky to be part of. We are collaborating with the Hingham Women’s Club (HWC) to create a book about all the wonderful women here in Hingham. This project idea spoke out to us specifically because in fifth grade we learned all about the town of Hingham. Knowing how many women have contributed to it we were very surprised to hear only men’s names coming from the stories we heard. This project is meant to recognize the women of Hingham and all that they do to contribute and enhance our society. Our troop has worked hard to fundraise, interview, research and plan making this idea come to life. One critical step in creating this book is interviewing these wonderful women so that we can gather all the information to create an engaging story about these real life figures. When readers pick up this book they should feel inspiration and astonishment fill their minds.

On January 25 we presented our progress to the HWC at their meeting held at the library. The HWC provided countless connections and ideas to help guide this project to its full potential. At the end of this project we will receive a silver award, the highest honor a girl scout can receive.The Wonderful Women of Hingham book is planned to be completed by April and be available at the Hingham library, then all proceeds will be donated to a local charity. The friendship these girls have created since kindergarten is everlasting, and after lots of hard work they have created something to be proud of.

2023.01 Girl Scouts
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