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Jenn Weldon Pilates

April 2024

Jenn Weldon is a graduate of the advanced teacher training program  (950+ hours) from the Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado (known as the “Harvard” of pilates teacher training programs) and has a B.S. in Art with an emphasis in painting from Elon university, NC. - her students have been known to enjoy their homework illustrated with stick figures!

Jenn has practiced pilates since 2003 and taught since 2010. Jenn opened her first studio location in Minneapolis, MN in 2014.

Jenn's students say she is encouraging, relatable, goal oriented, committed, detailed, and celebrate their accomplishments. Jenn's goal as a pilates instructor is to increase my student’s strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility all while having a good time! Pilates is for all ages and she encourages her students to embrace it as a practice.

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