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Sarah Hinchey Photography

February 2024

Sarah Hinchey is an award-winning portrait photographer with a luxury boutique studio in downtown Hingham. She believes that the way we see ourselves is the way we treat ourselves, and it is her mission to help every person she photographs see that they are perfect, exactly the way they are right now. Sarah says “I have had the honor of capturing thousands of people, and we all do the same thing. We step in front of the lens, and immediately begin to apologize for all of our physical insecurities. We are so hard on ourselves, particularly when it comes to the way we look, but our appearance is really the least interesting thing about us. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing - to feel seen and to feel loved, and I have the power to give that to the people I photograph. By showing my clients the best portrait they’ve ever had taken of themselves, they see the beauty that everyone else in their life sees, reflected back at them.”

Her photoshoot experience has been described as the embodiment of luxury self care. Prior to your session, you meet with Sarah to discuss your personal style and goals for your gallery. She designs a bespoke look for your session, including wardrobe and accessory guidance, lighting, location, backgrounds, and posing to make your vision a reality. The day of your photoshoot begins with professional hairstyling and makeup application by Sarah’s talented artist, Lisa, who works brilliantly to deliver a beauty look that is tailored to you and your individual style. Lisa helps you look like yourself on your very best day. Next, you move on to the photoshoot portion of your experience. Sarah expertly guides you through a series of poses to help you feel confident, and capture the most beautiful portraits imaginable. With Sarah’s coaching and posing direction, you’re never left standing vulnerably in front of the camera not knowing exactly what to do. After your photoshoot, you review the captures together with Sarah, and select your favorite images. Each portrait you choose receives Sarah’s signature retouch. This high-end edit is a luxury art form that adds the same elevated polish to your portraits that you see on the pages of Vanity Fair and Vogue. 

Sarah is the portrait photographer responsible for each of this year’s Hingham Women’s Club Business Sponsor’s beautiful headshots. Thank you so much, Sarah, for donating your time and talent to support and fundraise for the Hingham Women’s Club. Sarah is currently booking headshot, maternity, newborn, children, family, and generations sessions. Reach out to schedule your photoshoot! 

Sarah Hinchey, Portrait Photographer 

234 North Street, Hingham 

(617) 997-6604


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