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June 2024

Did you know that having a solid estate plan is crucial to safeguarding your business legacy and ensuring the financial security of your loved ones?

Learn from Sam Allen, the inspiring founder of Law Mom. After facing a life-threatening experience following the birth of her first child, Sam realized the profound importance of planning for the unexpected. This life-changing event led her to establish Law Mom, a firm dedicated to empowering women through comprehensive estate planning.

 Why is estate planning vital for women business owners?  Protects your business continuity  Ensures your family's financial stability  Minimizes legal complications and taxes  Empowers you to make informed decisions about your legacy.

Join our community of empowered women who are taking control of their financial futures. 

Discover Sam’s journey and the essential steps every female entrepreneur should take to protect their hard-earned assets and plan for the future. From trusts and wills to succession planning, we've got you covered!

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