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HWC Open Positions

Public Relations Program Chair


Social Services Program Chair


Bunny Breakfast Program Chair




Social Media




Kids That Care Program Chair


HWC Open Program Chair Positions
HWC Executive Board Fulfillment

In order to prepare for the next fiscal year, the current Executive Board asks for volunteers to make a one-year commitment to serve on the 2025-2026 Executive Board. Members can submit a statement of interest for the roles they would like to be considered for the upcoming year.


The current Executive Board will meet at the end of April to discuss the candidates and vote in all positions. All candidates will be notified by May 8th. Elected board members will assume their duties beginning July 1st.

All applicants must be current HWC members. Applications for 2025-2026 coming soon.


Time Commitment

  • President ~4-6 hours/month (Jenee Melgoza current VP seeking election)

  • Vice President: ~4-6 hours/month

  • Treasurer ~4 hours/month (Jennifer Sherman seeking re-election)

  • Secretary ~4 hours/month

  • Board Advisor ~2-4 hours/month (fulfilled by past President or long-term Chair member)

  • Members-at-Large ~2-4 hours/month


HWC Executive Board Roles & Responsibilities

Board Advisor: The board advisor shall be a member who has been a member of HWC for at least two years and has served for at least one year as an officer, director, or program chair.

Members-at-Large: Members-at-large provide insight and feedback regarding club activities and shall be members who may or may not have served as an officer, advisor, or program chair.

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